State Street News

New Product + Rave Reviews = Whole New Line

eff12379-cfc7-4bd0-90d8-12faed49d3aaWe have been working closely with our testers to bring you a new scent. The scent was a light scent of pipe tobacco with subtle hints of amber and vanilla. It is a lovely scent that was met with fantastic reviews all around, from the reviewers and their wives. After meeting with our testers a few times it was mentioned that they would like more scents that included pipe tobacco or tobacco leaf. That’s all that we needed to hear and off we went in search of the best collection of scents that we could find. Over the past week we rolled out the new scents to our testers and we are tweaking the scent profile now and hope to have the full line out in April. We are aiming for 4 scents in the collection.

What Do Beard and Bunnies Have in Common?

bunnyAbsolutely Nothing! But wait maybe…… One of the things that State Street Beard Company does is gives back to the community and our community needed help with LOTS of bunnies that were left in a barn. I’m talking 50+ bunnies. We decided to help out the community and foster a bunny. Every single time that you buy a product from us, we are able to give to the community. Thank you for helping us, help them.

< Meet Colt! Our Foster Bunny!



Scent of the Week!




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