Raise Your Glass it’s Friday! Flaming Dr. Pepper

flaming-doctor-pepperFlaming Dr. Pepper

Grab your matches and wow your friends with this extremely tasty shot. Very easy to make.  Just please drink responsibly and don’t burn your beard off!!! Cheers.

Ingredients: Amaretto

Bacardi 152 Rum or Everclear

Your favorite Beer

Cinnamon (optional)

1 shot glass and 1 tumbler glass

Directions:  Fill the tumbler glass half full of your favorite beer. Fill the shot glass 3/4 full of Amaretto. Carefully layer the 151 (or everclear) to the top of the shot glass.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the 151, if you want. Slowly and carefully place the shot glass inside of the tumbler with the beer.  Top off  the beer level to the top of the shot glass. Grab your matches and ignite the shot glass. Turn down the lights and impress your friends with your bartending abilities. Bottoms up!

* blow out the shot before drinking.  No one wants to take your drunk self to the ER!

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